• No, more often than not people either leave the door unlocked for me or leave once I get there and have me lock up. 

  • Please make a note of any problem areas that need a little more attention and if there are stains note what they are and what you used when trying to remove them.

    Please note any furniture that is being moved if it has any damage to it, such as a broken or weak leg, a bad arm, damaged door,

    Let me know if there is a floor plug under a piece of furniture that is being used so that it’s not damaged when sliding furniture over it.

    If there’s a cat or dog in the house it’s best if they are locked in another room or outside.  If they can go inside or outside let me know that so I’m not chasing down fluffy if she goes outside.

    I do not charge extra to move furniture but if you don’t let me know exactly what you would like moved I probably won’t move it.  I will think that it is either damaged, fragile, you didn’t want to empty it, or it was unnecessary to move because it has always been there and will always be there. 

    I will move things as gently as possible, as I would my own, but I will not be responsible for anything broken.

    If you want it moved please empty it, unload it, and move items off the top. Please leave a contact number in case a problem arises.

  • There are many variables to this answer.

    What is the temperature, humidity, carpet style, carpet material, air movement, soil build up, types of staining, etc?

    The carpet will be damp when I leave so light traffic with clean shoes is suggested. Carpet may be damp for up to 24 hours and in some cases for only a couple of hours. 

  • You don’t have to move the furniture but anything you want moved have it free of anything that may fall off, fall out, or tip over.  Also, if there are draws they need to either be emptied or removed. VERY IMPORTANT, if there is any broken furniture such as a broken leg, arm, door, please make note of it. I will move furniture as carefully as possible but if something breaks I cannot be responsible for it.

  • Often times when something spills or an animal has an accident the liquid goes through the carpet fibers and into the backing of the carpet.  When the carpet is steam cleaned the spill may clean right out of the carpet fibers and look great but the liquid still remains in the backing.  When the water begins to evaporate up and out of the carpet anything that’s still in the backing will come up too and it will not evaporate away but remain on the surface.  Normally a damp rag will wipe off the residue left on the carpet and if not the carpet spotter I give to all my customers should work.  If all else fails I will gladly come back and fix it.

  • First of all, I do not use any product that I wouldn’t use in my own home and around my kids.  If there is a sensitivity to cleaning products by anyone in the home please let me know as I have special products available for those cases.  I use cleaning agents that are safe for people, pets, and the environment but some people are hypersensitive to different things so I have available totally green cleaning agents and carpet protector too.

  • This answer can be different for each person.  If there’s just you in the house and not much activity every 12-18 months are what the carpet mills recommend.  If you have pets I wouldn’t go more than a year.  If you have kids on the floor and pets in the house you may consider in the spring and fall. 

    The cleaning tools that I use are gentler on the carpet fibers then a vacuum cleaner so cleaning it more often is not hard on the carpet.  Some people wait too long before cleaning their carpet because it “looks” clean.  Your carpet is meant to hide the soil so once it gets to the point of looking dirty it’s so full of soil it can’t  hide anymore and   damage has been done to the fibers.  When the carpet has reached this point it will never have the “new” look again because the fibers are all scratched and cut up. Your carpet should be cleaned before it “looks” bad.

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